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Brookfield: The New MACS Spot

Dear Milwaukee, meet your new favorite comfort food! Our new location is open, thriving and ready to deliver on all of the cheesy noodle deliciousness we’re known for.

Appleton’s Satiate-Your-Hunger Scavenger Hunt

Whether you’re already in Appleton or planning a road trip, here are our favorite activities, otherwise known as MACS appetite-inducers. Try one, or try them all.

The History of Mac and Cheese

It may sound crazy, but mac ‘n’ cheese actually wasn’t invented here in the dairy state.

Nick and Jackie with the kids in front of their Wisconsin Dells shop

From Kitchen to Concept: How MACS Started

It’s coming up on our 5-year MACS-versary, and it’s time to get cheesy!

It’s Chili Mac Season

It is officially Chili Mac season! We have welcomed back a favorite seasonal skillet, Chili Mac, starting today, November 1st.